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Welcome to the Hartree Centre public wiki.

The status page, user guide and HOWTO's have been created to help you initially with any problems, but of course, if you need further assistance you may contact us via the Hartree Centre Helpdesk portal, ServiceNow, at external link: https://stfc.service-now.com/ (or email to hartree@stfc.ac.uk if you are not registered with us).

To see additional details about using the Hartree Centre resources and installed applications you will need to be a registered user. If you are part of an agreed project, and wish to apply for an account, please use SAFE: external link: https://um.hartree.stfc.ac.uk .

Hartree System Status and Information

The Status Page has now migrated to the Hartree Centre ServiceNow Self-Service Portal Homepage.

Status Page: external link: https://stfc.service-now.com/

ServiceNow Credentials:

Username = Email Address. (Not your HPC machine username). Password needs to be requested when first logging on.

If you experiencing any issues logging in, please select the 'reset your password here' button from the ServiceNow log in page and enter your email address for BOTH the username and email address fields. This will trigger an email to your inbox with a temporary password. If the issue persists, please email hartree@stfc.ac.uk


Please use the following paragraph to acknowledge use of Hartree Centre resources in your reports and publications.

We acknowledge use of Hartree Centre resources in this work. The STFC Hartree Centre is a research collaboratory in association with IBM providing High Performance Computing platforms funded by the UK's investment in e-Infrastructure. The Centre aims to develop and demonstrate next generation software, optimised to take advantage of the move towards exa-scale computing.

Hartree User Guide

Please note that this on-line guide is under continual development. Please inform us of any inaccuracies and omissions that you notice. Suggested additions are also welcome.



The HOWTOs are specific examples of using the managed software and include sample submission scripts and information about licenses and required citations and links to on-line user manuals.

  • HOWTOs - Examples of using various packages.

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